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Inner-Lotus is committed to honoring and supporting each individual's unique journey on the path of personal embodiment by co-creating optimal situations for communicating with the wisdom of the Whole Body. Whole Body Alignment is a process of awakening our physical, emotional and mental bodies to the resonance of our soul and the earth simultaneously, thus allowing creativity, deep inner peace and vitality to blossom. Catherine Siri Sat facilitates opportunities to integrate and align body and spirit through the practice of movement, breathing, mindful awareness, cellular communication, hands-on relationship, sounding, art-making and energy balancing.

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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Looking for strength, vitality and deep peace? Kundalini Yoga restores balance using movement, asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), mudras (hand positions) and mantras (chanting elemental sounds) in prescribed kriyas (actions) that revitalize and balance the body mind and spirit. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Individualized variations of each posture & breath sequence will be taught to suit each student's unique body.

Gentle Chair Yoga

It is truly amazing how many deep stretches are possible using the assistance of a simple, straight-backed chair! If you sit for hours on end, Gentle Chair Yoga will show you many easy stretches you can do while seated or using a chair for support to stay pain-free and flexible. This class is perfect for anyone who wants the benefits of joint mobility and increased flexibility that comes from a yoga practice but has difficulty getting up/down from the floor, or anyone who is experiencing limited mobility due to injury or chronic illness. Every class is designed around the students who show up and every student's level of mobility is honored and supported. In each class gentle movements and breathing patterns that increase core strength and balance while supporting flexibility of movement in daily activities such as bending and reaching are introduced. Basic anatomy and body systems are also covered to support a deeper understanding of the support available within the body.

Chi-Flow Yoga

This class combines gentle, supported movement and breath work with a somatic experience of deeply listening and communicating with your own body to open the energy channels, clear the mind and revitalize the whole, natural body/mind. Take time to honor the wisdom of your body and leave class feeling GREAT!!!


Yoga Meets DanceTM

Yoga Meets DanceTM is a wildly fun, emotionally cleansing, high energy healing synergy of yoga, movement and meditation for non-dancers and dancers alike, and has been enjoyed by thousands worldwide. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Connect with your own inner river of energy through guided breathwork and stretching and dancing that explores each chakra's relationship to earth, water, fire, air and spirit. Set your body, mind and spirit free with exotic worldbeat rhythms, and easy-to-do expressive dance movement that melts into healing stillness and blissful relaxation.


Yoga Your Way classes are held at Inner-Lotus studio.

Custom designed somatics-based yoga/movement sessions for 1 - 4 people. Every class is co-created between Catherine and the client(s) with a goal of finding more space and support within the body to unwind patterns that interfere with freedom of movement and breath through the practices of mindful awareness and movement repatterning. Chronic injuries, pain triggers and movement limitations are lovingly honored as we gently coax the body to reveal how it wants to move and breathe in order to feel supported. During each 80-minute class we greet and meet the client's body where it is in the moment and build on the previous class experience. It takes a minimum of 40 days for the body/mind to create new habits, and for this reason YYW clients commit to a minimum of 6 sessions within a 6 to 8-week period. Whether your goal is simply to be comfortable doing daily activities or to more highly refine your current yoga practice, Yoga Your Way will assist you in connecting with your inner alignment, vitality and strength.





Chi FLow Chair Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:15 am Holistic Gateway Catherine Siri Sat
Chi Flow Fundamentals Tuesdays 10:30 - 11.45 am Holistic Gateway Catherine Siri Sat
Kundalini Yoga Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:15 pm Holistic Gateway ---
RATES: drop-in $15
LOCATION: All Chi Flow classes held at Holistic Gateway, 1415 6th Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413



Disconnection from the Collective Shadow and Cellular Activation

All humans on earth are energetically to both the positive and negative beliefs patterns and experiences throughout time on this earth. By disconnecting from these lower vibrational energy grids (the "collective shadow") and connecting into the Unity Consciousness matrix it becomes easier to work on our own personal issues and blocks. Cellular Activation restructures the chakra system and the entire etheric body to release emotional and genetic patterns at a deeper level while tuning the aura and physical body to a higher vibration that allows the heart chakra to open into Infinite Love. This is offered as a one-time-only 90 minute session.


Restorative Energy Balancing and Bodywork

Each day as we interact with our environment our bodies are in constant communication with the physical, emotional, mental and spirit/energetic realms that make up our Whole Body System. When the relationship amongst these aspects of our Whole Body become imbalanced we may experience chronic health issues, pain, fatigue, insomnia, jittery nerves and lack of focus. It may even feel as if our body is our number one enemy! In these session I assist each client to reconnect with the wisdom of their physical body and cultivate an energetic relationship to their spirit-Self to restore balance and harmony throughout all aspects of their body. This new relationship creates a space for healing and transformation to occur. Each session is unique in addressing the client's current issues and intentions using individualized combinations of touch, movement, breathwork, self-observation, cellular communication, sounding, art-making and energy balancing. Because it takes a minimum of 40 days to change old patterns and 90 days to begin to establish a new way of being I recommend a minimum of 8 sessions within a 3-month period. In order to achieve the best results I work with each client to identify the best and most effective home practice that will assist them in transforming her/himself into radiant well-being.


Integrative Yoga & Energywork for Self-Care

For those wishing to learn techniques they can practice at home, this 90-minute session includes instruction in time-proven Kundalini Yoga/Meditation practices followed by a 30-minute Shamballa Multidimensional Healing or Vibrational Aspects System Energy Healing to integrate the therapeutic yoga. Self-care yoga sessions may include yogic techniques for many conditions including general stress-relief, recovery from surgery/illness, support of digestive health, relief of chronic health conditions, assistance with mental clarity and support for overall vitality/stamina. Contact Catherine to discuss your self-care goals and co-create the optimal integrative yoga/energywork session to support you.




Please contact Catherine via email or phone so she can schedule a 15-minute exploratory phone call with you. During the call she will answer any questions you might have about working with her and suggest what number of sessions may be optimal for you. She will be happy to share her rates with you after you've had a chance to explore whether you'd like to work with her.

Yoga Your Way classes are held at Inner-Lotus Studio. Current Pricing for 6, 80-minute classes within 8 weeks/40 days:

1 person$540
2 people$600
3 people$720
4 people$840

Classes in your home or workplace:
Pricing is based on length of class, location and number of students. Please contact Catherine for pricing.



Catherine Siri Sat LiskaA lifelong dancer and former architect, Catherine celebrates the joy of movement as a spiritual practice. While dancing with Jawaahir Dance Company(1992-2005) and teaching at the Cassandra School of Belly dance, she began practicing yoga and it became clear to her how important the connections amongst our body, conscious awareness, and creativity are to our overall health and well being. Her own embodiment journey lead her to become a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Global SomaticsTM Practitioner, YogaMeetsDanceTM instructor, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and New Paradigm MultiDimensional Healing Practitioner. Since 2009 she has been blessed to work with clients of all ages assisting their bodies to unravel from spine, hip and shoulder restrictions and move with ease through a process of discovering their inner balance, alignment and strength while identifying and releasing unsupportive patterns of thinking and moving. Over her years of teaching, Catherine has witnessed the incredible capacity that each and every person has within him/herself for personal elevation and healing through dialogue with his/her own body. She honors every experience in life, whether wonderful or difficult, as an opportunity to discover and release unhealthy patterns that keep us each from living fully as the happy, bountiful person we are capable of being. In her classes Catherine welcomes all opportunities to connect with others to play, nurture and celebrate the body/mind/spirit through dance, yoga and the healing arts.

"Each of us is a spark of divinity - a spiritual being having a human experience - and each of us have unlimited capacity for love and healing when we take time to deeply listen to our breath, our body, our spirit." ~ Catherine Siri Sat Liska

Exercise as Therapy


How Our BodyMind is Designed to Move to Support Change
How Our BodyMind is Designed to Move to Support Change

Soma is a Greek word meaning "living body". From a somatic viewpoint, rather than viewing the body from the outside as a 'thing', a person perceives her/his 'soma' experientially from the first-person - from the inside - as a self-sensing perceiver of ones own body and its relationships. "Soma" is a Whole-Body experience of living within relationship to all of creation within and around you. Chi Flow Yoga combines gentle, supported movement and breath work with an a somatic experience of deeply listening and communicating with your own body to open the energy channels, clear the mind and revitalize the whole, natural body/mind through re-patterning your neuromuscular relationships.

Although Chi Flow Yoga is beneficial for all ages, it is particularly helpful in relieving chronic pain and stiffness while gaining comfort, ease and awareness with the 'soma' - the living body. Chi Flow Yoga exercises awaken ALL the sense of the body, thus allowing a person to experience the incredible range of support s/he has available through deep listening and dialogue within her/himself.

Through re-patterning our sensory-motor relationships. Our bodies are designed to move- in fact the first nerves to develop in the embryo are the vestibular nerve (the nerves that sense movement and spatial orientation). This means our body's very first "sensation" as an embryo is that of moving in order to sense its relationship to the environment of the womb. The flow of energy and information within the body/mind allows movement and it is through movement that the human body continually balances itself (dynamic balance) and attempts to remain healthy.

If the flow of energy becomes blocked our body can slip into a pattern of holding the energy in its tissues based on an unconscious feedback loop held within our nervous system called sensory-motor amnesia. This sensory-motor feedback loop can trap energy in any tissue or area of the body, and each of us typically has several of these blockages to our 'flow' happening simultaneously in any given moment when we move "without thinking". These feedback loops occur because our nervous system is wired to always do its best to protect us, support us an keep us in balance. BUT, in situations of stress and trauma our brain records responses onto its 'hard drive' that may NOT be supportive or healthy, thus creating a pattern that is based on a motor response that is not healthy and perhaps induces a cycle of pain.

Let us look at a few examples of how this works:
  1. A person who has a habit of always carrying her/his bag on the right shoulder begins to experience pain and decides to switch to carrying the bag on her/his left shoulder. This seems like a great idea that should "solve" the issues of discomfort being experienced. Although a certain level of relief from pain may be achieved, because there is still a pattern within the brain/nervous system from carrying the bag on the right shoulder for so long, certain muscles within the right shoulder may continue to fire unnecessarily causing a blockage in the flow of energy into the right side of the torso/arm.

  2. Another common example of this is when an organ, bone or any tissue in our body experiences trauma and the community of muscle and fascia surrounding it seizes up in an effort to support it more fully as it heals, - but then forgets how to return to normal movement after the organ has healed because a new sensory-motor feedback loop has been recorded onto the hard drive of the brain. For example:
I twist my left ankle and begin to favor it by placing more weight onto my right leg as I walk. As I limp along my brain records the new muscle relationships in my legs/hips while my nervous system records these relationships as the new "normal". This new way of moving records a sensory-motor feedback loop in my brain that continues to support me moving in this 'limping' pattern as I heal. However, if I continue to limp for a long enough time my right leg/hip muscles may suffer stress from overuse and "forget" how to release fully out of a contraction, causing other muscles in my body to work harder to assist in supporting me. Because the nervous system has now created this new sensory-motor feedback loop recognizing this muscle-holding pattern as "normal", an imbalance in the neuromuscular patterning continues even after I have healed and no longer need to walk with a limp that favors my left ankle. Since there is now a sensory-motor feedback loop that tells the brain that the right leg has to work harder to support me, those certain muscles have literally forgotten how to move in order to support me! The flow of new information and energy to those certain muscles is blocked and overridden by this new, 'unconscious' feedback loop in my brain which sustains an imbalanced movement pattern in my body.

Every aspect of our body is in an interconnected relationship so if there's a blockage to flow in one part of our body, our entire body can feel "out of whack". Sometimes it seems as if our body has betrayed us - getting stuck into an unhealthy pattern that we may notice but feel helpless to reverse. The good news is that although our bodies create these patterns outside of our conscious awareness, we do have the ability to reverse this feedback loop through mindful movement that re-patterns our body/mind relationship and gets the energy flowing freely again!


In Chi Flow Yoga we uncover these patterns by listening and bringing our awareness to a dialogue of consciously reflecting on the sensations and feelings in our body interspersed with intentional movement and breathing. We take the time to become aware of where energy is flowing in our body/mind and notice where it is stuck or stagnant. We listen to all aspects of our body, noticing places we can't even "feel" our body and feel disconnected. By taking the time to listen and rest after moving our body we give our nervous system the opportunity to recognize and respond to new patterns of support.

Chi Flow Yoga assists us in re-connecting with our 'soma', thus opening each of us into the fullness, support and possibilities that lie within our body-mind-spirit relationship.



When Yoga Bhajan came to the United States and began to teach Kundalini Yoga in 1969 he shared age-old processes (kriyas) of moving, breathing and chanting that, when practiced regularly, result in neuro/chemical/glandular changes in the body. Each different kriya is designed to support certain physiological, energetic, emotional and mental transformations that allow the practitioner to align with his/her inner truth and release old habits that interfere with becoming whole. A habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some of them serve our highest destiny. Some of them do not. By doing a 40, 90, 120 or 1000 day special sadhana (daily practice), you can rewire that chain reaction. You can develop new, deeply ingrained habits that serve your highest good.

40 DAYS: Practice every day for 40 days straight to break any negative habits that block you from the expansion possible through the kriya or mantra.

90 DAYS: Practice every day for 90 days straight to establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds based on the effect of the kriya or mantra. This will change you in a very deep way.

120 DAYS: Practice every day for 120 days straight to confirm the new habit of consciousness created by the kriya or mantra. The positive benefits of the kriya get integrated permanently into your psyche.

1000 DAYS: Practice every day for 1000 days straight in order to master the new habit of consciousness that the kriya or mantra has promised. Then, no matter what the challenge, you can call on this new habit to serve you.



What IS Stress??? Stress is a state of mind. Each day we choose what we create through our thoughts and actions. Through daily practice (sadhana) of breathing and mantra we can learn to navigate through life without creating more stress for ourselves. Check out what Guruka Singh has to say about stress:

Here's a kriya to relieve stress called "Yoga and Meditation for Stress" described and demonstrated by one of my favorite Kundalini Yoga teachers, Gurucharan Singh Khalsa: Practicing this kriya will assists in creating a habit of letting go of stress through the practices of breathwork, mantra and mindful expansiveness. May you be blessed with no stress!!!



International Kundalini Yoga Teacher's Association
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International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association
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3HO Healthy, Happy Holy (Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)
Spirit Voyage (music, books, yoga gear)
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Cassandra School of Belly Dance and Jawaahir Dance Company



"I first came to Chi Flow Fundamentals due to a knee injury. I was scheduled for a total knee replacement and was looking for relief from my pain. She looked at the many aspects of how I walked, how I struggled with going up and down stairs and where I was holding tensions in my body. Moving slowly and mindfully I started to make incremental changes that built upon each other during the following weeks. I became so aware of subtle abilities to move a little bit deeper, a little bit longer. I had falsely believed I was balanced in my body movements as I was aware of my body from my previous yoga practices. However upon following the instructions from Catherine in class I could feel in my body, quickly to my amazement, how I favored weight so differently. Wow! I was encouraged immediately. Her light-heartedness and joy in teaching was evident to all of us. I delighted in learning how to love my body back into health. Isn't that incredible? Our minds and bodies are so connected. Thinking I was completely healed as I move so freely now she gently reminded me that exercises for my knee should not be eliminated. My knee surgery was not necessary and I give Catherine the credit for showing me how I can incorporate spirit with mind and body. People close to me often will look at me and say, ’Remember when you could hardly walk?’ Or, ’Look at how you move so freely.’ Thank-you Catherine from the bottom of my heart." ~Deb Davis, Minneapolis

"I truly enjoyed Catherine's Chi Flow Fundamentals class. I came with a headache, and left without one. It really works!" ~CMG October 2015

"It's a pleasure to be a part of Catherine's work in the world. The benefits of Catherine's Chi Flow Fun-damentals class are amazing. Chronic pain is significantly reduced and both PTSD and fear no longer have a major control of my being. Thank you Catherine!" ~M.B., Dec 2015, Twin Cities

"I have had the pleasure of having Catherine for the gentle chair yoga class. She is unlike any other yoga Instructor I've had in the past. I have experienced knee,hip and back pain.With Catherine's insight and intuition, she has taught me how everything in our bodies are related to our mind, spirit and body. Thanks to Catherine I am not taking strong pain medication, have not returned to the Chiropractor for more then a year. And best of all no surgery.....all the while enjoying Catherine's light touch in sharing her intuition and insight. With her wealth of life's experience, she is constantly showing us simple ways to improve our health. Thank you Catherine!! ~ C.P.,April 2016, Minneapolis

"Catherine (Liska's) weekly Chair Yoga class has done more for my body and mind than I could have ever imagined when I began four years ago! Over that time my body has become more fluid and energized and my mind notably calmer with her breathing techniques.I genuinely look forward to this class each week and appreciate the varied exercises. Sincerely, C.B., April, 2015, Minneapolis

"Catherine is the first healer to recognize our adult son's unconventional experience of channeling universal energies that most of us never experience or are aware of. Hospitalized for a psychotic bipolar episode, psychiatric professionals did not listen to his pleas for help for how to deal with the energy experiences consuming his mind, body and spirit. Apparently some front-line psychiatric workers recognize this but are hamstrung in getting the patient better help. While in the hospital he experienced several experiences he felt were like demonic possession: serpent-like energy overtaking him and wrenching his gut. Asking for help, medical providers thought it a hallucination and sought higher doses of antipsychotic drugs, while he writhed in agony, finally finding a way to exorcise himself alone in the night. While this is seen as psychotic experience in Western medicine, healing practices based in the eastern philosophies that Catherine practices give understanding and direction on ways to redirect these energies, and strategies for what to do when these episodes come along at home.

While medication may be helpful for some people, it left our son bereft of any way to deal with the unrelenting primal fears that would overtake him. Now, after 7 sessions with Catherine, he has learned how to shift to those energies into healing. I have learned ways to support him during his nightmarish experiences. I now understand why so many people commit suicide, so often far too young, a tragedy for this young person, their family and friends. According to ancient traditions, they are missing the healing that could transform them in this life and their souls in eternity.

As a veteran of the medical approach to mental illness that I was lucky enough to access years ago, and having learned healing strategies as best I could, I have come to find the healing insights and strategies that our son and I are learning from Catherine to be invaluable in my own recovery. Good therapy, twelve-step groups, formal and informal support, and love of friends and family have given me skills for healing and hope to go on. And what I am learning in Catherine's sessions is bringing me to a deeper level. What I came in with, practicing mindfulness and emotional regulation, self-soothing, spurred on by the deep sense of hope through my Christian spirituality, is an important foundation for me. I have learned from my yoga spiritual guide that pain can be my teacher, helping me learn how to work through it to spiritual renewal. What Catherine taught me is that spirit guides support me every step of the way. That gives me hope in the current journey, both my son's and mine. As a survivor of my own father's suicide, my son's brush with agony that at times left him in utter pain and hopelessness, where suicide became the most humane solution on the horizon, this has been a life-altering experience for me. Catherine's own spiritual and healing journey, and her guidance for others based on indepth training and professionalism, has been invaluable in regaining our son's life, and my own. For that I am truly grateful. --rao, witness, parent, seeker - St Paul - June, 2016

"My husband and I have been taking Yoga Your Way classes with Catherine for the past year and it has been a great blessing. She has profoundly changed my connection to my body and awareness of the connections between my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My occupation as a violinist and teacher makes it very easy to overuse and strain my neck, shoulder, and back and I am relearning, with Catherine's gentle guidance, how to allow greater support to happen through my entire body. I find that I have more energy and a more positive attitude overall after sessions and feel a deeper sense of well-being after each meeting. Catherine brings tremendous wealth of knowledge to each session, as she draws from Kundalini yoga practice, Somatic healing, and energy work in addressing that day's issues. We always start from where we are each session.

I can attest to the great effect working with Catherine has been on my husband's well being, as well. He has much greater awareness of his posture and moves with so much more ease than one year ago. Lifelong habits of holding and overuse of certain muscles are being gently reminded of a different and more supportive way of being. His physical and emotional energy have rebounded and he handles stressors in a much healthier way. We cannot thank Catherine enough for her gentle spirit and deep caring for our well-being. She is keenly observant and is generous with her knowledge. We learn so much each session. Thank you, Catherine! " ~LH September 2014

"Catherine has a playful, sweet and endearing energy. She inspires me to open up to my healing self and take small steps that seem to yield unexpected, delightful results. I never really know what we will do when we work together, we both explore together and it is a very satisfying process." ~BB March 2012



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